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steak dog

People food like steak makes a tasty treat for dogs and a supplement to a healthy home-cooked meal. Dogs may eat raw or cooked steak, but if you’re just transitioning your dog to people food, cooking the meat may make it easier.   Step 1. Pat dry a boneless piece of steak using a paper towel. […]

resolutions, dog resolutions

It’s officially 2019. Chances are, you started the New Year with resolutions you’re determined to keep—working out more, eating healthier, etc. And if you’re a pet parent, you want to ensure your dog starts the New Year on the right track too. Here are a couple resolutions we thought your fluffy friend would like to abide […]

teaching your dog to wait at the door

Wait at the Door Dog Training. Teaching your dog to wait means teaching them temporary boundaries. This is a simple and useful tool you can use on a daily basis. Not only can teaching your dog the command “wait” at the door be helpful but it could also save his life. Whether you are taking […]

Nose Touch Training Tips. One of the most commonly taught tricks for focus, confidence and humor is the nose touch. You will teach the dog to touch his nose to the palm of your hand (or to your fist). Any time you teach a dog to touch a portion of his body to a specific […]

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