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Border Collie catching a frisbee

Fourth of July with your Fluffy Friend. With cookouts, fireworks, and an extra day off, we get to spend quality time with those we love. Show your pup some love by celebrating with them as well. If your dog is a homebody, you can still spend some quality time with them at home. If your […]

Summertime activities for your dog The sun is up and temperatures are starting to warm up across the country, outside is the perfect place to be with your dog. If you’re a dog owner, I’m sure you feel bad about keeping your furry friend inside during long days at work. Now that it’s summertime, you probably […]

Since dogs are family, it can be very easy to treat them that way. And if you’re anything like my family, when we play in the pool we play HARD! But your dog’s place in the pool is not the same as a person’s. Safety is always a must when playing in the pool, but […]

national pet day

Celebrating National Pet Day! Happy National Pet Day! Show your fluffy friend endless amounts of love today- more love than usual. Here are some fun ways to celebrate National Pet Day with your fluffy friend. Buy a New Toy.  Show your love and affection by giving your dog a brand-new ball, bone, stuffed animal, scratching […]

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