Training: Impulse Control

Gigi shows us how to teach your dogs impulse control this week. We all know dogs get very excited especially when they see their favorite toys being waved about. This video teaches you how to get your dog to follow your instructions and settle down before given their toy. Like Gigi says, just because your dog sees a toy doesn’t mean it’s theirs. So no more running you over so your pooch can get the toy out of your hands.


What is impulse control? Impulse control is teaching your dog to relax or stay calm in situations that would cause excitement or arousal. As Gigi shows in the video, if you reward a behavior that you like, your dog will repeat that behavior. So giving him/her their toy when they calmly wait for it, your dog will learn that staying calm and listening will get them a reward. Remember, calm behavior can be taught! If your dog is not able to follow this lesson on impulse control, give us a call. We’re happy to help!

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