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Our Boarding Dens

Available Features
  • Private Space
  • Outside Group Play Area
Den Suite
Available Features
  • Private Space
  • Outside Playing Area
  • Suite Communal Area
Available Features
  • XL Private Space
  • Outside Group Play Area
  • Overnight care is available
  • Great for Large Dogs
  • Great for Multiple Dogs

Cost & Considerations of Dog Boarding, Training, etc:

Things that someone looking to board their dogs would want to consider is the cleanliness of the facility,

What a Normal Day May Look Like at Ruffgers

All our boarding and daycare dogs go out every 1.5-2 hours. They are typically outside for 20-30 minutes (depending on weather and temp)

Dogs with us for board and train or daycare enrichment are trained periodically throughout the day for about 15 minutes, to allow breaks so they are not overstimulated.

All baths, nails, etc. are done as the dogs are available and a trainer is available to complete the task. Baths are always done so that the dog will be clean and dry upon pickup by the owner.

How to Keep Your Costs Down

Our dens offer an inexpensive accommodation without sacrificing the care and treatment from our team. Customers can limit the add ons and extras during the stay as well.

Why are Dog Boarding Facilities Priced So Differently?

Low Price Facility

Depending on the area of the country, low end facilities would likely be outdoors, or non temperature controlled environments.  It would often be very few staff members, often only the owner and may one or two more. 

Dogs are likely held by chain link barriers, and do not receive a lot of individualized attention because there is not a “staff” being paid to do that.  I would likely not scream “sanitary” but would not present any immediate dangers or harm to your dog.  They will be watched for and taken care of, but there is no “extra” love. 

Many of these facilities are located at a residential location as well, and are often not compliant with municipal regulations or properly insured.  An assessment of your dog will not likely be needed.  Communication and updates will be upon request only.

Medium Price Facility 

This would likely look like a temperature controlled environment.  Separation barriers could walls or chain link.  The facility would be located in a commercial area, and built out to municipal standards.  There will be more of a formal “staff” with hired help to take care of the dogs.  There may or may not be an overnight caretaker, and it would be unlikely the staff has received any training in dog care or training. 

The dog’s basic needs would be met in a comfortable environment, and there would likely be some level of individualized attention, but many time these facilities will hold a much much denser occupancy, stressing the resources of the staff, and the dog.

  Some facilities would also be open space, with no separation for types or sizes of dogs.  An assessment of your dog prior to boarding may or may not be needed.  You may or may not receive updates and communications unsolicited. 

High Price Facility

When you walk into one of these places, you know.  There is a robust staff waiting to take care of you and your dog.  It is important to see a happy and welcoming staff.  That means they like their job, and that’s good when their job is to take care of your four-footed family member. 

The facility will be located in a commercial area and be built to or beyond municipal standards.  Ask them, they will be more than happy to tell you what they’ve done to go above and beyond the “requirements”.  There will be overnight care, and the entire staff will be trained in dog care and training and handling techniques. 

You will know this from the way they welcome your dog to the facility and are able to calm them or excite them into the experience the facility offers.  There will be enough staff to ensure all the dogs receive plenty of love and care.  Each dog will receive attention on a consistent schedule, to ensure they are properly cared for. 

The facility will closely mimic an “at home” environment to ensure the comfort of the dog, and create the least amount of stress as possible.  There will be ample communication between the facility and you, and lots of pictures will be shared.  The facility will almost certainly require an assessment and may turn dogs away.  This is for the staff’s protection, as well as the comfort of all the other guests.  A stressed dog can stress others out.  It’s important to know if the facility is willing to turn away a dog that may stress others. 

Additionally, this allows the dog to be placed in a group with other similar dogs in size and personality.  The facility will not only allow a tour of the facility, but will encourage it and be proud to share it with you.  You will likely see other happy guests during your tour.  This is important, do they look content, does the accommodation look comfortable, are the groups of dogs similar in size and nature.  Multiple accommodations will be offered.  This is for two reasons: 1. To ensure flexibility in pricing and 2. Ability to comfortably accommodate each dogs’ unique needs.  After a few visits, your dog will likely pull you into the facility, excited to see his friends, both four and two-footed.