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How to keep your costs down

Our dens offer an inexpensive accommodation without sacrificing the care and treatment from our team. Customers can limit the add ons and extras during the stay as well.

Our Boarding Options

  • Private Space
  • Outside Group Play Area
Den Suite
  • Private Space
  • Outside Group Play Area
  • Suite Communal Area
  • XL Private Space
  • Outside Group Play Area
  • Overnight care is available
  • Great for Large Dogs
  • Great for Multiple Dogs

Cost & Considerations of Dog Boarding, Training, etc.!

Things that someone looking to board their dogs would want to consider is the cleanliness of the facility: 

  • Do the dogs have their own private space? If yes, how are those spaces separated (chain-link fence or walls)
  • How many dogs per staff member are there?
  • What is the total square footage of the boarding space, and what is the facility’s max capacity?
  • Limiting the number of dogs per sq ft is going to increase the pricing, but provide greater comfort for a dog. It also ensures the dog receives more one-on-one attention and is provided greater levels of care.
  • Is there overnight care?
  • Is the staff proficient with administering special medications and dietary needs
  • How convenient is the location to where you are.
  • Is the staff trained in handling dogs.

Campus Life

What a normal day may look like at Ruffgers

All our boarding and daycare dogs go out every 1.5-2 hours. They are typically outside for 20-30 minutes (depending on weather and temp).

Dogs with us for board and train or daycare enrichment are trained periodically throughout the day for about 15 minutes, to allow breaks so they are not overstimulated.

All baths, nails, etc. are done as the dogs are available and a trainer is available to complete the task. Baths are always done so that the dog will be clean and dry upon pickup by the owner.

Why are dog facilities priced differently

  • Residential area
  • Outdoors and often not temperature controlled
  • Dogs separated by chain link
  • Minimal staff - owner and 1-2 other staff
  • Typically no prior assessments of dogs required
  • Often not compliant with municipal registrations
  • Typically no extra “love” or “play time”
  • Minimal updates sent to owners
  • Commercial area
  • Temperature controlled environment
  • Dogs separated by walls or chain link
  • More formal staff, but often no overnight staff
  • Staff is minimally trained in dog care and training
  • Often no separation for various sizes of dogs
  • Assessment may or may not be required
  • May or may not receive regular updates
  • Commercial area and built to or beyond municipal standards
  • Overnight care with trained staff
  • Robust staff that is highly trained
  • Consistent schedule with dedicated care
  • Extra play time and add-ons available
  • Assessment required prior to boarding
  • Variety of dog play groups and sizes
  • Multiple accommodation sizes and styles