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teaching your dog to wait at the door

Wait at the Door Dog Training. Teaching your dog to wait means teaching them temporary boundaries. This is a simple and useful tool you can use on a daily basis. Not only can teaching your dog the command “wait” at the door be helpful but it could also save his life. Whether you are taking […]

Nose Touch Training Tips. One of the most commonly taught tricks for focus, confidence and humor is the nose touch. You will teach the dog to touch his nose to the palm of your hand (or to your fist). Any time you teach a dog to touch a portion of his body to a specific […]

agility training

Agility Training Tips. Agility is oftentimes viewed as a competitive sport for dogs. However, you and your dog don’t have to compete to enjoy agility, and your dog certainly doesn’t have to be an obstacle course champ to have champion-level agility skills. If you’re an outdoorsy person, it’s likely that your furry best friend is outdoorsy too. […]

teaching a dog impulse control

Teaching Your Dog Impulse Control. We all know dogs who need help with impulse control. Dogs jump on people, push people out of their way to get through doors, rush their way in and out of the car or the crate and up and down the stairs. Dogs can be impulsive and pushy. The smaller […]

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