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Who said Memorial Day weekend can only be celebrated by people? There’s no better way to spend your Memorial Day then with your loving canines. Here are several ways to have fun with your dog while reminiscing on those who have risked their lives to protect our country. 1.Take your dog to his or her […]

A reactive rover is a dog that demonstrates inappropriate aggressive behavior while on-leash such as lunging, barking, and growling. Our Reactive Rover class is a six-week class designed to teach owners how to manage and re-train appropriate behavior for dogs that are reactive, aggressive, fearful or anxious around other dogs or maybe even people. With summer […]

Happy Mother’s Day to all you dog moms out there and for those who are also regular moms! We wish you the very best of day and from us at Ruffgers, we thank you for all you do with your families and your little fur babies. You deserve all the credit and so much more! […]

May the 4th be with you! A bit of Star Wars humor the day before Cinco De Mayo. Cinco De Mayo for us two-legged mammals is a fun time to get together and gorge on our favorite Mexican foods and alcoholic beverages with regrets the following morning. For our four-legged friends, Cinco De Mayo is […]

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