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Aschley is back with another training video for all dog parents. This video focuses on teaching your dog to g0 inside the house. If they could, dogs would play outside with the kids or their doggy friends all day, but that is not realistic. Everyone has to go in sometime and with these tips, your dog will […]

The devastation Hurricane Harvey caused to Houston and surrounding cities, Irma making it’s way towards us here in Florida, Jose, and Katia following: we have officially entered hurricane season. Time and effort  has been taken to make sure we are prepared for whatever may happen, but we need to remember our furry friends are counting […]

Fall is coming and that means pumpkin everything, colorful leaves, and most importantly Halloween. Of course this post isn’t about our favorite things, it’s about getting your pooch ready for Fall. Yes, dogs need to get ready for fall too just as much as we do. There are several things you can before the official […]

Ah food. The best thing on Earth for dogs and humans alike. To get your dog to wait for feeding, Aschley is back with tips on impulse control for your dog. With these tips, you too can teach your dog how to control themselves when they smell food in the comfort of your own kitchen. With this […]

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