We offer a variety of classes and services from basic puppy and dog obedience classes, competition dog sports, as well as private in-home training and pet-sitting while you are away.
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Foundation I (Naples Campus):
Monday, 2:00pm
Thursday, 1:00pm or 2:00pm
Friday, 11:00am
Saturday, 1:00pm


Class Description: You’ll absolutely love this sport! If you’ve never taken an agility class before or don’t know what it’s about you’re at the right place. We will introduce you and your dog to each obstacle first and teach you how to correctly execute. From there you will begin sequencing the obstacles together.



Foundation II (Naples Campus):
Tuesday, 10:30am
Thursday, 2:00pm
Saturday, 2:00pm


Class Description: Think you have the basic understanding of the sport, but haven’t been introduced to the teeter, weaves poles or different handling skills. This is where to start!
Naples Campus:
Thursday, 10:30am or 6:00pm
Saturday, 10:00am

Class Description:
For teams that are working on course work and learning new handling systems.
Naples Campus:
Monday, 7:00pm
Tuesday, 9:30am
Class Description:
For teams that are already competing.
Naples Campus:
Saturday, 8:00am


Naples Campus: Saturday, 12:00pm
Bonita Campus: Saturday, 12:30pm

Class Description:
This class will prepare you to take the Canine Good Citizen test. Not interested in taking the test? This class is open to any teams looking to advance their obedience skills.
For more information on the CGC test please check out the link below.
Naples Campus: Saturday, 11:00am (101) Saturday, 12:00pm (201) Monday, 6:00pm Tuesday, 12:00pm
Bonita Campus: Wednesday, 6:00pm Saturday, 10:00am

Class Description: This is our equivalent to a basic obedience class. We introduce creative exercises that will keep you and your dog on your toes. We cover focus exercises, sit, down, meet and great, loose leash walking, coming when called, sending to a bed/mat, stay, hand touch, heal position and much more!
Think you’ve got all these skills? Then Pet Manners II is the class for you!


Naples Campus: Monday, 5:00pm Saturday, 11:00am

Bonita Campus: Tuesday, 4:00pm Wednesday, 5:00pm Saturday, 11:00am

Program Description: Welcome to the AKC S.T.A.R Puppy Program! Ruffgers is proud to be a part of this exciting program designed to get dog owners and their puppies off to a good start. This is a six week training program that will teach you how to better communicate with your puppy. You will be able to get information on all of your puppy raising questions including house training, chewing, nutrition, and much more! You will learn the most effective ways to teach practical skills such as coming when called, loose leash walking, crate games, focus exercises, sending to a bed, touch sensitivity, meet and greet, and will experience an introduction to new surfaces and enrichment activities! The AKC S.T.A.R Puppy training is a natural lead into our Pet Manners 101, Pet Manners 201, Outdoor Pet Manners and also the Canine Good Citizen program. We also offer puppy agility which can be a fun and confidence building activity!


For more information on the CGC test please check out the link below.


Naples Campus: Monday and Wednesday, 10:00am Saturday, 9:00am
Bonita Campus: Tuesday, 3:00pm Saturday, 9:00am


Class Description: Rally is a fun sport that builds teamwork and communication between dogs and handler. Dog and handler teams negotiate a course of obedience signs, performing skills at each. Novice level is performed on leash and suitable for dogs that know the basic skills of sit, down, stay, heeling and come. Rally is also an excellent way to build team work and focus for all other dog sports.