Our Dedicated Team


Aschley Kezeske

Owner & Head Trainer

Aschley opened the doors to Ruffgers in 2012 as a training complex. Her passion for dogs began when she was 15, and she began competing in dog agility with the family dog, Bear. It was by the requests and insistence of her clients that she expanded her services in 2016 to include day care and boarding. She was adamant during this expansion that things be done a very specific way, and through this philosophy of comfort combined with structure, Ruffgers evolved into what it is today.


Breanna Sell


Breanna joined Ruffgers in June of 2019 with the intention of picking up part-time work while attending FGCU, but quickly became a much larger asset to the team. After demonstrating her passion for animals, clients, and team members, as well as a mastery over the operations of our facilities, she has assumed the role of our Chief Operating Officer. Bre ensures all Ruffgers’ campuses are operated according to our protocols and procedures, and that all our guests receive the highest levels of care.


KAYLA Holcomb


Kayla entered a Ruffgers facility for the first time not as an applicant, but as a client. It was her passion for dogs that influenced her decision to apply for a job with us! From her first day, it has been a great fit. Kayla works with our guests’ parents to ensure we are delivering the highest levels of care to them. Kayla is a Florida native from Ft. Lauderdale. Something interesting about Kayla is that she went to college on a softball scholarship, making her very popular during games of “fetch”.

Gina Feldman

General Manager - Ruffgers Stuart

Gina Feldman brings with her 15 years of leadership experience in store operations and customer satisfaction. Gina is a sports enthusiast (Coach Gina as we may call her). We’d challenge anyone to try to match her college football knowledge. Most would think she’s been with us for years, but that coaching mentality works hand-in-hand with the team environment of Ruffgers. Despite her love for sports, we really know deep down her passion is her dog, Shadow. She could talk for hours about sports, but days about Shadow.

Zach Batchelder



Zach’s story with Ruffgers starts like many others; as one of our caretakers. However, we quickly learned he had a lot more to offer. He graduated from our trainers’ program very swiftly, and became our Bonita Springs trainer. When the position for General Manager of the Bonita Springs Campus opened up, he anxiously applied to fill that role, and months later, we’ve come to learn just how lucky Ruffgers is to have Zach. Outside of Ruffgers, Zach likes to spend time with his 10 year old chihuahua, Ringo, and playing sports. One fun fact about Zach is he previously was a preschool teacher; likely where he learned his high degree of patience.

Kailee Rictor



Kailee is our Assistant Manager, serving the guests of our Bonita Springs Campus. Kailee has found a “happy place” at Ruffgers, as dogs are her passion. She has 3 dogs of her own, which are her whole world. Her passion and love for dogs translates into the care and attention she provides to her guests. Not only does Kailee love our guests, she has a great appreciation for the Ruffgers team, who work closely together to take care of our guests. In her spare time, Kailee enjoys playing volleyball, which she does at the club level at FGCU.

Vasi Panagiotopoulos



Vasi started out with Ruffgers as many of our “stars” do, in the back of the house caring for our guests. From early on she exhibited a level of care and efficiency that wildly benefited our guests. She often tells us that because dogs love unconditionally, they deserve the same love and care in return. Vasi moved to Florida from New Jersey about 5 years ago, to pursue higher education and enjoy Florida’s beautiful weather. Upon graduation she decided to join the Ruffgers family to pursue her dream of being able to work with dogs. Since joining our team, it’s been clear she loves what she does, and our guests love her! Vasi was identified as having the leadership qualities that tend to excel at Ruffgers, which is why she accelerated quickly into her current role as our General Manager of our Naples Campus. Outside of work, she enjoys taking care of her two own fur babies, as well reading, cooking and watching films.

Rachel Harley (1)

Rachel Harley


A more “recent” Floridian, Rachel moved to Florida in August of 2021. She joined the Ruffgers team, and has been a welcome addition to our family. Rachel provides a warm and welcoming face to our guests, and has ambition and a willingness to learn that has made her a great asset to our Management team.  Since joining our team, we’ve seen Rachel grow professionally and personally, and we are excited to see where she will go! In her spare time, Rachel likes to play tennis, go to the beach and spend time with her dog Teddy. Something you may not know about Rachel: she is the youngest of 4 girls in her family!

Breana Banos



Breana joins the Ruffgers’ family with 3 years of dog training! She has been involved with animals her entire life; even growing up with a farm in her backyard. That is where she found her passion for working with dogs. Although Breana came to Ruffgers with dog training experience, we’ve continued to learn her potential, passion, and patience. She works with many of our day care and board and train dogs, and has begun training her own classes. Outside of Ruffgers, Breana likes to make art!
Taylor Riemenschneider



Taylor finds great reward in working with dogs and their owners. She can see the difference it makes when an owner is able to understand their dog, as much as the dog understands their owner. Taylor chose to join the Ruffgers team because she loves what we stand for: positive reinforcement training! She is passionate about caring for dogs, and really all animals, including the mice that lived in the barn where she grew up in Wisconsin. A fun fact about Taylor is she is fluent in sign language (human and dog). 🙂


(In Loving Memory)


Ruffgers was blessed to have Sue as a part of our family.  With over 40 years of experience, Sue changed the lives and relationships of countless dogs and their respective owners throughout Southwest Florida.  Sue will forever be a part of the Ruffgers family, and will live on in our hearts and everything we do at Ruffgers.


Amanda Rekau

Trainer for Stuart

Amanda started with Ruffgers as one of our overnight caretakers. When we began the process to hire a trainer for our Stuart Campus, Amanda was quick to step up and request the transfer. Amanda always enjoyed training her own dogs, and felt this was the right position for her. She loves that our campuses balance the physical and mental stimulation our dogs receive, as well as our standards of care. Amanda loves dogs because they are loyal and honest, and wants to help all pet parents build stronger relationships with their dogs. In her spare time, Amanda enjoyed crafting, and spending time with her horse.


Sage Taylor

Trainer for Naples

Ruffgers is pleased to have Sage Taylor join our training team (and home to Naples). Sage comes to Ruffgers with years of unique experience, and will bring a whole new component to our training program. After finishing 9 years with the US Military, 6 of which were spent working with WMD’s, Sage is excited to join a company that shares her belief in positive reinforcement training and love for dogs. An interesting fact about Sage is that she’s backpacked Chernobyl…don’t worry, she doesn’t glow in the dark!