Aschley Kezeske
Aschley Kezeske
Aschley’s passion for dogs began at the young age of thirteen, when her family brought Blackerry “Bear,” a Border Collie, into the family.
Breanna Sell
Breanna SellManager - Naples Campus and Bonita Campus
Breanna joined the Ruffgers team in June of 2019 thinking she was picking up a part-time job while attending FGCU, but little did she know it was going to turn into something much bigger. She quickly demonstrated her reliability and passion for animals, clients team members and was the clear choice to take the reins as Assistant Manager of Bonita Springs campus. During her tenure, Bre has increased efficiency and streamlined administrative processes, as well as been the catalyst for growth and upgrades to the facility (you can thank her for the new outdoor play area!). In short, her presence has allowed everyone at Ruffgers to spend more time with your furry four-footed family members in top-notch facilities!”
Michelle Sewell
Michelle SewellAssistant Manager - Naples Campus
Ruffgers is honored to have Michelle join our management team as our Naples Campus Assistant Manager. Michelle joined us at Ruffgers and Southwest Florida from the “up north”. Continuing Ruffgers tradition of finding experienced and the most loving members for our team, Michelle was an easy choice! Her passion for pets started at a very young age. When she would come across a stray dog, she would take them in and care for them until she was able to locate their owner.
Jennifer Chacon
Jennifer ChaconAssistant Manager - Bonita Springs Campus
Jennifer was born and raised in Miami, Florida, where she grew up with her Whippet, Molly.  She moved to SW Florida after getting her real estate license, and got involved in some local non profit organizations helping rescued animals.  Her passion for animals began to play such an influence in her life she decided to change career path to work with animals.  Jen joined the Ruffgers team in October of 2019 as one of our team members at our Naples Campus.
Gigi Zheng
Gigi Zheng
Gigi always loved animals. After getting her first dog, a mix breed of Pomeranian and Yorkie, her love of animals turned into a passion of working with dogs.
Christie Mendoza
Christie MendozaTrainer - Bonita Campus
Christie joined our team as many of Ruffgers’ best trainers do; they start as clients. However, Christie came in with a whole lot of love for dogs, and a very strong training background for her two miniature schnauzers. Spending time at Ruffgers only reinforced her love for dogs, and training dogs, and in 2018 she became an AKC Evaluator. Ruffgers was so pleased and excited to have Christie join our team as our head trainer for our Bonita Springs Campus.

Susan Bonness
Susan Bonness
Sue Bonness was a remarkable individual, who dedicated her life to animals, especially dogs.