Our Dedicated Team


Aschley Kezeske

Owner & Head Trainer

Aschley opened the doors to Ruffgers in 2012 as a training complex. Her passion for dogs began when she was 15, and she began competing in dog agility with the family dog, Bear. It was by the requests and insistence of her clients that she expanded her services in 2016 to include day care and boarding. She was adamant during this expansion that things be done a very specific way, and through this philosophy of comfort combined with structure, Ruffgers evolved into what it is today.


Breanna Sell


Breanna joined Ruffgers in June of 2019 with the intention of picking up part-time work while attending FGCU, but quickly became a much larger asset to the team. After demonstrating her passion for animals, clients, and team members, as well as a mastery over the operations of our facilities, she has assumed the role of our Chief Operating Officer. Bre ensures all Ruffgers’ campuses are operated according to our protocols and procedures, and that all our guests receive the highest levels of care.


Kayla Liebman


Kayla entered a Ruffgers facility for the first time not as an applicant, but as a client. Our leadership team recognized her love for dogs, as well as a unique ability to listen to people: both clients and team members. As our Ruffgers family continues to grow, we knew we’d need someone dedicated to their well-being, as well as a resource dedicated to them. Kayla fills that role beautifully, working side-by-side with the team and our guests, but also being the team’s voice.


Gina Feldman

General Manager - Ruffgers Stuart

Gina Feldman brings with her 15 years of leadership experience in store operations and customer satisfaction. Gina is a sports enthusiast (Coach Gina as we may call her). We’d challenge anyone to try to match her college football knowledge. Most would think she’s been with us for years, but that coaching mentality works hand-in-hand with the team environment of Ruffgers. Despite her love for sports, we really know deep down her passion is her dog, Shadow. She could talk for hours about sports, but days about Shadow.


Sharina Franky

Assistant Manager - Ruffgers Stuart

Sharina has spent many years in the pet care industry, and is a priceless asset to our Ruffgers family.  In our acquisition of the Stuart Campus, Sharina may very well be one of the best things we received.  It is very apparent she arrives at the campus every day, ready to give 100% of her time and attention to our guests.  Her vast knowledge of dogs allows her to ensure all our guests receive the very best care.


(In Loving Memory)


Ruffgers was blessed to have Sue as a part of our family.  With over 40 years of experience, Sue changed the lives and relationships of countless dogs and their respective owners throughout Southwest Florida.  Sue will forever be a part of the Ruffgers family, and will live on in our hearts and everything we do at Ruffgers.