How to Teach a Dog to Sit Pretty

Teaching Your Dog to Sit Pretty.

Training your dog can be tricky so we’ve made this blog to teach you, how to teach your dog, to sit pretty. It’s generally not a good idea for your dog to be truly begging for scraps at the table. However, getting him to sit pretty- act like he’s begging- is a fun and very comical trick to teach. Sitting pretty is a cute dog trick that is often referred to as “beg.” The dog starts in a sit and then raises up their front legs so he is sitting on just his back legs with front legs curled and held in front. This trick is easier to teach dogs who already have been taught how to sit. This is also a good trick that you can build other tricks off of. You can get your dog to act like she’s praying, or to reach for the sky if you make a gun-hand gesture. This is also a pretty good exercise for your dog. It’s almost like a yoga poses for dogs. As with any exercise, moderation is key. Start out at a slow pace that your dog is comfortable with, then gradually build up to where your dog is the most comfortable.

Step 1.

Get on your dogs level with your dog sitting in front of you.

Dog Sitting Pretty in Front of You

Step 2.

Get your dog his favorite treat and let him smell it. Then, slowly lift the treat above him. Train your dog to understand the term ‘sit pretty’ by repeating it over and over with the treat still in your hand.

Dog Sitting Pretty with Treat

Step 3.

When he lifts his paws up off of the ground, say “sit pretty” again. Reward your dog with a treat.

Dog Sitting Pretty with Treats

Many dog trainers say that this is one of the easiest tricks to teach your dog. Many dogs perform this trick naturally as soon as you lift a treat above their heads. If your dog seems to be having trouble sitting pretty, you can help support your dog by holding his front paws so he can gain strength. Only expect your dog to hold the position on his own for a second or two at first, then gradually build up the endurance so that he can stay in position for several seconds. Enroll your best friend in dog trick classes to teach them how to sit pretty along with many other things.