Ruffgers: Your Dog’s ‘Home Away from Home’

Let Ruffgers Be Your Dog’s ‘Home Away from Home.’

home away from home

Have you ever wanted a place that can be your dogs ‘home away from home’ while you’re gone? Well, Ruffgers Dog University located in Naples, Florida provides more than the solution as it is a daycare and boarding dog facility. The area is built to provide a good environment for your dog to exercise and socialize. In this way, the dog facility helps in reducing your pet’s anxiety and eradicates habits created by boredom.

Those living around Florida can enjoy the services of dog daycare and dog boarding service which are available 24/7 but require you to make appointments on Sundays. Daycare packages, which come at pocket-friendly prices, are subdivided into full and half days for customer convenience. Whichever the package, they all provide sufficient play and learn time for your dog. Training is done by seasoned experts who teach important skills such as agility, crate games, walking aptly on a leash, good behavior around people and recall. Additionally, the dog training facility offers baths, brushing and other ad-ons. They include raw bones, goat milk, lamb ears, chicken neck and back, duck feet and many others.

Ruffgers is for sure a luxury campus for the needs of your animal. The dog training facility sits on an 18,000 square foot area with the dog training area being on a 5,000 square foot of land. Throughout, day or night, the facility is staffed with well-educated, organized and experienced trainers with vast experience in the industry. They include pet-sitters, professional trainers and veterinarian officers. Additionally, they provide safety and comfort to your pets.

For your faithful servant, the residence hall is specially designed and built with a homelike layout. This provides enough comfort for your pup. Three different dog kennel types are available: the residence hall den, the residence hall den suite and the residence hall suite. For the residence hall den, each dog has its own private dog kennel with its personal bed, chews and any additional facility your dog requires. It is mostly suitable for those pets that prefer to be alone, less active or sick. They also act as a place to rest after a given period of play. The residence hall den suite comes with four themed rooms: library, garden, frat and quad. The small and medium sized dogs are assigned the garden and the library while the larger ones are given the quad and frat. The areas include a place the fury animals can play all day and a personal space they can enjoy while eating or at night. These personal spaces have rugs, toys and coaches. Each one up for the dog boarding service is assessed well to ensure it is given the right space. The residence hall suite contains the largest areas, which are booked for families of dogs or the big breeds of dogs.

Before any of your animals is admitted into the Ruffgers Dog University, an assessment is done to it at no charge. This normally takes around one and a half hours. During this time, the dog owner can take time to tour the facility and shop at the retail area, which has some great foods and treats. At the lobby, a cup of coffee is offered as a warm gesture to the visitors. If your dog is accepted, then the training and hours of fun to your faithful friends can commence.

home away from home

The Naples community highly praises and appreciates the facility because it offers a positive impact not only to the animals but also to the dog owners. It relieves the pressure of taking care of your dog during work or vacation. For your dog’s growth, it is essential that you provide a conducive environment such as the one offered by Ruffgers dog boarding instead of leaving it in isolation at home. If you have any questions or want to learn more about the services we offer, feel free to contact us. 

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