Everyone could use a night out with pals, but what could be better than staying in with your furry best friend on a beautiful, chilly evening watching a movie together? For this article, we’re jotting down all the best flicks you can catch with your dog, and maybe a few other friends.

Let’s start!

Marley and Me

What would this movie list be without an adorably rowdy puppy? Based on a bestselling book and a true story, John and Jennifer Grogan adopt an enigmatic Labrador Retriever who isn’t exactly the most well-behaved puppy there is. He’s a hot mess for sure, but he’s a cute one. You’ll need to remind your dog at the end of the movie that Marley isn’t what they should aspire to be. Still, expect good laughs and maybe a few tears, too.

Lady and the Tramp

This one’s a cartoon, but it isn’t any less of a good old classic. Skip the popcorn for this flick, and whip up spaghetti instead. Lady and the Tramp is a generous reminder that romance is never limited to humans. So much so, that up to this very day, this film still has one of the most iconic movie kisses anyone has ever seen! If you’re looking for an animated feature that’s bound to make you feel giddy, young, and excited, this one’s for you and your dog!

101 Dalmatians

The animated and live-action versions of Dalmatians 101 are both stellar visual treats both you and your dog can snack on. And quite frankly, there’s never a bad day for ultimate dog rescue movies. Also, how can you say no to one of the world’s most popular villains? Like her or not, Cruella de Vil is a queen on her own right. She’s evil, that’s for sure. But a classic queen nonetheless!


How can anyone not want to watch singing animals? Instantly feel like a kid again with this 2016 animated musical comedy. This tale will definitely warm your heart and, maybe even want you to sing a duet with your four-pawed baby. If you’re tired of the usual dog tropes, this one’s a good breather.

Monsters Inc.

There are no dogs here, but Monsters Inc has got to be one of the best movies ever to watch with your pup. Starring two up-and-coming people-scarers, watch Sulley and Mike Wazowski go through rigorous training to master the art of horrifying their human victims. It’s a classic tale filled with laughter, tears, a good story, and a pure heart.

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective

Jim Carey will forever be a crowd favorite. Expect to laugh your heart out and cry streams of tears with this comedic story about a Miami-based detective who’s out to find the kidnapped dolphin mascot of a popular football team! Consider this movie to be a trip to the zoo with your fur baby, too, as this film features a ton of animals. If you’re looking for a movie that’ll help introduce your dog to a wide array of other pets and animals, let this one be it!

The Secret Life of Pets

Last but not least on this list is The Secret Life of Pets. Have you always wondered what your canine is up to when you leave the house? Wonder no more. This flick is a light-hearted comedy that explores what domestic creatures and our animal family members do when we’re not around. Expect a clever and riveting story about animals who engage with each other in the absence of their humans.

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