When Pets Are Family, the Benefits Extend into Society

Do you consider your pet a part of your family?


Most pet parents will answer with an absolute “yes”.  In fact the vast majority of pet owners consider their pets as a part of their family “just like anyone else”. For them, the pet isn’t just a creature companion that has to be fed and taken to the doggy daycare.


Consider the effect of the pandemic and the related spells of isolation on our lives. The truth is that these social changes affect kids and adolescents the most. In such a scenario a pet as a part of the family can be a great companion to blow away depression and anxiety.


Are you still skeptical about treating your pet as a family member?


Read on to find out some of the amazing positive effects of considering a pet as a family member. 



Advantages of Considering Your Pet As a Family


It goes without saying that the family plays the most meaningful role in our lives. And American pet owners are altering the cultural definition of family by treating their pets as children, or siblings.


Obviously, a pet won’t help you with your cooking or ask “how was your day”. But they can have an immensely beneficial effect on your overall health and well-being.


Teaching Life Lessons


Pets can teach your kids valuable life lessons about responsibility and compassion. Having a pet is not just about enjoying a cuddle buddy. A long-term commitment is necessary to attend to its basic needs. As the pet grows older, the responsibilities will rise. This is a great way to teach your child about responsible behavior.


This is also a great lesson about love and compassion for your kid. A pet requires love and care and offers unconditional support to the child. This helps to promote loyalty and affection within the family. In addition, there are physical benefits related to playing with the pet.


In short, once you accept your pet as a part of the family, it will help your kid to develop socio-emotional skills. And responsible kids will grow up to become socially responsible citizens.


Pets Provide Comfort 


Research has proven that pets have a calming effect on the mind of the owners. This has also led therapy clinics and hospitals to use support animals to make their patients feel better.


When you connect with a pet as a family member, hormones like dopamine and oxytocin are released in the blood. This enhances mental comfort levels while reducing anxiety and stress. The release of stress helps to improve family relationships and doesn’t allow negativities to trickle down to the kids.


When you consider pets as a family, their ability to provide social support is enhanced. Overall. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.


Improving Your Social Life 


Believe it or not, some studies have shown that pet owners are more likely to have a more socially engaging life. They also have a higher chance of knowing and engaging with more people in their neighborhood.


Think about it…


Your pet can be a conversation starter with your new neighbor. or a topic for discussion with your friends. With strangers coming to enquire about your dog, they can be the perfect catalyst for improving social interactions.


The fact is, when we consider someone as “family” the connecting bonds with them deepen. That way, it can develop social networks based on the welfare of animals. And with the rise in more human-human interaction, the idea of a community is enhanced.


In addition, people also come together to protect and rescue animals when there is a deeper human-animal bond. The depth of affection between man and animal could enrich society as well.


Final Thoughts


In reality, many pet owners have mentioned that they receive as much social support from their pets as they do from their immediate family. The key is to find the right pet who is a perfect fit for your family so that the benefits can overflow into society.


Even so, it’s not necessary for every family to adopt a pet at the first opportunity. Remember, that pets need time, money, and proper attention. If you are willing to provide the right living conditions for a pet, you should start looking for your next family member.


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