5 Things to Do with Your Dog This Weekend

Tired of visiting the same old dog park every weekend? We get it.

Taking your pup on new adventures is not only good for your dog, but it’s good for you as well. You both get to share new experiences and strengthen your bond.

No matter how old your pet is, trying something new can boost their energy levels and happiness. Just look at Good Boy Ollie on Instagram—the senior pup who has an activity jar full of new things to try.

Whether the activity is exercise-based or something silly that will put a smile on your face, your dog will love just spending quality time with their favorite human.

Here are five ideas for things you can do with your dog this weekend.

1. Get out of town

If your dog is athletic and treasures their daily walks, treat them to an extended hike on a trail filled with new smells and things to discover.


You can use the National Park Service’s park finder to explore parks within driving distance, or you can run a quick Google search for “state parks near me” or “trails near me.” While doing your research, it can be helpful to make a list of the places you want to visit eventually, so the next time you’re ready for a getaway, you already have some ideas!


When picking a trail, check the difficulty of the terrain before you bring your dog there. Apps like AllTrails make it really easy to determine whether your pup can handle the hike.

2. Treat your dog to a puppuccino

If you’ve never gotten your dog a puppuccino, this is your sign that it’s time. A puppuccino (a pup’s cappuccino) is really just whipped cream in an espresso cup. But you can get the most adorable or hilarious pictures of your dog as they try to finish their puppuccino.

The trend started at Starbucks, but most coffee places know exactly what a puppuccino or a pup cup is. All you have to do is ask your local barista for one, and most places (even Starbucks!) will give it to you for free!

Unless your pet has a known dairy intolerance, whipped cream is completely safe for their consumption. But like all treats, pup cups should be reserved for special occasions. Too much dairy in a day can cause tummy issues.

3. Try Nose Work

Nose work is a canine sport that benefits all dogs—not just the ones with genetically super-powered noses! It’s a great form of exercise for both your dog’s mind and body.

Think of it as a game you two can play where you hide something, and your pup has to use their nose to find it. This practice takes some training and pre-planning to ensure your dog knows what scent they’re searching for, but it’s become an increasingly popular enrichment activity.

4. Take them swimming

Unless you already know that your dog has an aversion to the water, taking them to a lake, river, or beach can be an extra special summer treat!

If it’s your pet’s first time in the water, we recommend getting them a life jacket that allows them to enjoy themselves but keeps them safe. Smaller and calmer bodies of water are an excellent place to start for new swimmers.

Even if your dog isn’t super thrilled about being entirely in the water, they’ll still have a great time exploring the new area while getting their paws wet!

5. Take them to Doga

Doga (dog-friendly yoga) has become increasingly popular over the last few years and can positively impact your dog’s well-being (not to mention your own)!


Research the style of the class before you bring your pup in to judge whether the session is a good fit for your dog’s temperament. Some classes will encourage your dog to do some of the moves with you, while others are just yoga classes for humans where dogs get to roam around the room.


Potential benefits of Doga for your dog include relaxation, anxiety relief, increased socialization, increased bonding, improved well-being, and improved training.

What about those weekends when you don’t have much time to spare?

Unfortunately, you may not have time to do something new and exciting with your dog every single weekend—and that’s okay. We, humans, get busy.


However, you can still provide your dog with enriching activities even if you can’t be as hands-on as you’d like to be. Sending your dog to doggy daycare is an incredible way for your pup to burn some energy and get their exercise in.


At Ruffgers Dog University, we have three phenomenal campuses offering doggy daycare and canine training courses to help you bust doggy boredom. Discover your home campus today.