Gigi is a huge asset to our daycare program, supervising dogs to ensure proper socialization. She also assists with our daycare attendees, boarders, and trainees. She is very active in our
“Pet Manners” classes and is a big hit for one-on-one private training. Gigi is a staunch advocate for dog nutrition and holistic treatment, and says “good nutrition not only builds a strong and healthy body, but also a strong and healthy mind.”
Gigi always loved animals, but after getting her first dog — a Pomeranian/Yorkie mix — her love of animals turned into a passion of working with dogs. After moving to Florida, Gigi started agility training with her dog and now competes and earns titles in multiple agility venues. She believes dog training is not just about creating a well behaved canine, but also about strengthening the bond between the dog and its owner. She attends many dog training seminars and is a member of the Therapy Dog International Ohio Chapter.