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Celebrating National Pet Day

Celebrating National Pet Day!

national pet day

Happy National Pet Day! Show your fluffy friend endless amounts of love today- more love than usual. Here are some fun ways to celebrate National Pet Day with your fluffy friend.

Buy a New Toy. 

national pet day

Show your love and affection by giving your dog a brand-new ball, bone, stuffed animal, scratching post, etc. Stick with your pet’s favorite type, though. An unfamiliar toy will most likely end up in a corner lonely and unscathed. Safety is important, so be sure to choose the right size toy for your pet and make sure they are made of 100 percent natural rubber, organic cotton or other non-toxic materials that don’t have a chemical smell.

Make a Trip to the Park.

national pet day

If your pooch is the happy-go-lucky kind, there’s no better place for him or her than the doggy park. The drive might be an inconvenience for you, but it’s worth it to see the eager look on your dog’s face as you pull into the park. Some apartment communities may even have an on-site dog park where your pup just might meet the love of his or her life.

Take a New Route on Your Walk.

national pet day

Going down the same path every time you walk your furry friend leads to monotony. Break the habit and take the road less traveled. It lets your friend mark new territories and gives you a change of scenery, too. Remember, always pick up after your pal just like you would if you were on the grounds of your apartment community. Yes, it stinks (pun intended), but you don’t want to be THAT person, either.

Extend Your Snuggle Session.

national pet day

This is one of the simplest gestures you can do for your four-legged amigo. Get their favorite blanket and snuggle on their favorite item of furniture. If you have more than one dog, set the ambiance in the room and let them snuggle with each other and muzzle your way in.

Bake a Homemade Cake.

national pet day

Sure, you can schlep to the pet store and buy a cake, but if you really love your pet, you would put on your apron and prepare something special and delicious. How? Check out these recipes for dogs. Your companion will be sure to love this special treat, and you’ll be sure to have so much fun making it and customizing it to your pets specific wants and needs.

Visit an Animal Shelter. 

national pet day

All pets need love, particularly those in animal shelters. Whether you own a four-legged or not, spending some time with all the rescued dogs goes a long way. Who knows, you may end up bringing home a new buddy!

national pet day

We hope these tips will assist you & your best fluffy friend(s) in having a great time celebrating national pet day. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to contact us here at Ruffger’s.

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